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Pak Source specializes in many types of military specification packaging, or "mil-spec"


Mil-Spec wood and plywood boxes and crates

  • Including specs to
    • ASTMD625/D6251M-  Wood cleated panelboard shipping boxes
    • ASTMD6039
    • ASTMD625L/DS6256M
    • ASTMD7478/D7478M
    • A-A-55057B-  Panels, Wood Based
    • MIL-B-2427
    • PPP-B-601 (cancelled-superseded by ASTMD6251)
    • PPP-B-576 (cancelled-superseded by ASTMD6251)
    • PPP-B-621 ((cancelled-superseded by ASTMD6880)
    • MIL-C-104 (cancelled-superseded by ASTMD7478/ASTMD7478M)
    • MIL-B-26195 (cancelled-superseded by ASTMD6256/ASTMD6256M)

Mil-Spec fiberboard/corrugated boxes, sheets and pads

  • Including specs to
    • ASTM-D-5118-  Fabrication of fiberboard shipping boxes
    • ASTM-D-5168-  Fabrication and closure of triple-wall corrugated fiberboard containers
    • ASTM-D-4727-  Sheet stock and cut shapes
    • ASTM-D-5486/DS486M-  Tape for box closure sealing
    • PPP-B-640 (cancelled- replaced by ASTM-D-5168)

Mil-Spec Poly, foam and bags

  • A-A-59135-  Packaging material sheet
  • A-A-59136-  Cushioning material, foam plank
  • MIL-B-131-  Barrier materials
  • MIL-DTL-117-  Bags, Heat scalable
  • MIL-DTL-81997-  Pouches, cushioned, flexible anti-static
  • MIL-P-26514-  Polyurethane foam for packaging