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We are a distributor of Ranpak.  They are one of the world's largest producers of protective paper packaging materials and systems, and its concepts have earned the company a reputation as being cost effective, simple and environmentally friendly.


The video will show how effective Ranpak packaging is for production.  


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Foam in Place


IntelliPack’s SmartSHOT™ is the traditional handheld spray-foam packaging system.

It is designed for all package sizes and is great for cushioning, blocking and

bracing, as well as protective void fill. Film comes in various sizes to accommodate your needs


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Pak Source is an authorized distributor of Geami Wraps.  It is made from 100% recycled material and is a combination of two paper types : other expanded die cut Kraft paper and an inner interleaf tissue paper.  The two papers work together to produce a cushioned wrapping material that is used as in-the-box protection of products during shipping.


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Air Cushions

Our innovative, patented air transfer technology allows air movement within cushions

during shipment. Movement acts as a shock absorber for superior protection.  Air cushions 

provide excellent protection fast, easy and cost-effective.