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What Our Clients Say About Pak Source


Janelle, Cedar Rapids Manufacturer

We have been with Pak Source for a number of years.  They have excellent service and reliable products with fast turnaround times. 


Carla, Dubuque Manufacturer

We have had other vendors in the same field that have not met our expectations. Pak Source is an outstanding vendor. They are always courteous and friendly in assisting our needs. They satisfy our quote time and ship product ahead of schedule if applicable. If you are looking for such a vendor, choose Pak Source!

Tom, Quad Cities Manufacturer

On a Friday evening, I got a call from our 2nd shift crew informed me that we had ran out of skids and we needed 8 of them to complete an order that had to ship at 6 am on Saturday. I was able to reach Michael, who coordinated with Ken Bushnell, and arranged for me to come to your facility and pick up what I needed even though Ken was on his way out of town at the time. That superior service is exactly the kind of thing that makes me tell others about your company. Even though she wasn't involved in this particular saving of Tom's rear I don't want to leave Shannon out. She always gets me an answer and always finds a way to get what I need. Even times when I am not very organized, she is there for me with reminders and questions.  Thank you for all that your team does, they never leave me hanging.


Lee, Quad Cities Manufacturer

Pak Source has been a long time vendor with courteous and helpful employees. Always delivers on time and with short notice when we are in a bind. They go above and beyond.